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Reweaving the forgotten tales and codes of the Great Mystery, powerhouse duo Marya Stark and Carmen Crow combine forces to bring their unique musical medicine to the stage and community. Their performance can be felt as etchings from the ashes of the new moon's fire-ceremony. These two medicine bards delve into the wounding and healing of the magical feminine, interspersed with storytelling, prayer, and future dreaming. Two voices blend angelically, carrying enchanting songs of mystic folklore and modern avalon-inspired prose.


.:Marya Stark:.            .:Carmen Crow:.

     In the space between art and persona there is magic. 
 Marya Stark lives there. Drawing from influences as diverse as Baroque Classical, Broadway, Pop, Storytelling and Folk, Marya crafts a sound that is wholly original. She creates the way she breathes; without choice or hesitation.  Marya embraces the joy of the universe as a palpable force to be reckoned with. The unbridled energy and depth of her songs are captivating and infectious, opening her listeners to her ministry as an ambassador of peace and activist of the heart. Marya’s craft is deeply influenced by her background in Music Therapy. If you find yourself at a live show, you are likely embarking on a full ride through multiple story-lines of characters in various stages along the heroes journey.. Marya loves to incorporate the audience right into the heart of the song through looping the audience’s voices, passing out props, and telling tall tales. She is not shy about going deep into the realms of ancestral work, she goes there carrying a lantern of humor, wit and single pointed prayer. She is a carrier of myth, mystery, and medicine songs with which she embarks to create a ceremony of the human condition, taking her audience on a journey through the caverns of the soul. When she is not on stage orin the studio, you may find her working as a Vocal Mentor, teaching Compassionate Communication, co-producing ‘Out of the Silence’ a documentary on Sound Healing, and leading her Voice Of The Womb Song Courses.


Carmen Crow aka MAMA CROW is truly a rare bird.
A New York native and Bay Area transplant, this self-taught guitarist and soulful songstress evokes listeners on a deep, soul level. Her sound is a mix of rhythmic finger picking, guttural blues belts, quick lyrical flow with insidious phrasing interwoven with haunting lullabies. This artist is not like anyone you have ever met. She has an authenticity and realness that will startle you. She says what she thinks. She does not abide with the social norms and could care less about superficiality. She surprises people with a genuine kindness for all beings. She cares about justice, art, creativity and “cawing it like it is” while she brings honest and uplifting messages through music, dance and community building. Crow expresses herself through many styles from neo-soul, blues, jazz, acoustic, folk-rock, electronica, dub-step, down tempo, hip-hop, dance and poetry. Always singing a mix of all original lyrics and on the spot free style- this original artist leaves a stirring inspiration whereever she goes. Her latest recording project with Abram Ramal Katz (ARK Music Productions) has proved to be an enriching three years of experience in the studio becoming a very professional and potent recording artist. She can sing in every style and execute vocal takes with precision and speed. She is the founder of WOMYNZ VOICE, a concert series and web platform showcasing the empowerment of women through sharing our voices.



 We Love You!

How does the moon
pull the wave?
From edge to edge
the sea was red
How does the fool
teach the sage?
From edge to edge
the time had fled
How does the scholar explain
To those of us
that see the dead