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We are currently compiling footage we received over the course of this project into a short documentary. When we began this journey in 2015, we filmed our entire inception tour with our fabulous team, and the rich ceremonies and dialogues that took place over those weeks. What has emerged since that time as Scarlet Crow, the music and performance collaboration of Mama Crow and Marya Stark, was seeded within that extremely magical time and weaving of threads.

We are now organizing that footage, as well as other footage we have gathered over the years, into a body of work that can be shared. We love the conversations we had and the threads that have continued to weave into our lives in profoundly healing and alchemical ways. We will be sharing more soon, but for now, if you would like to support this project, please reach out.


Sincerely, Scarlet Crow



Remembrance Council


Remembrance Council

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LAYLA CENTORINNO brings her vast store of experience as a bodyworker, intuitive healer, priestess, tantrika, spiritual midwife, mentor and counselor to create a safe and magical space for transformation and growth on all levels for individuals, couples, communities and the world. As one of the prime dreamers and midwives of Red Lightening, the Moonlodge Tipi Project and Tribal Convergence, RJ has traveled and brought MoonLodges and Gender Alchemy to gatherings along the west coast and served to awaken these ancient now mysteries. Dedicated to the future children, conscious birth, rites of passage and awakened humanity alive and embodied in our sexual, spiritual life force energy. Layla is honored to serve as a Planetary Priestess walking the Beauty Way. 

LAUREL KITTEN is a champion of the New Earth Governance, being fully activated as a collective resonance, supporting our connections to an all knowing understanding of planetary wisdom, required for this next cycle of cosmic awakening. Laurel is a Sky Dancer, Visionary, Blood Wisdom Educator, Doula (labor & birth support), Ceremonialist, Artist, and Healer. Laurel has been a key player in the Ceremonial Menstruation Movement, as well as original Founder of Red Lightning and the Tipi Moon Lodge Project.


TESSA SHIELDS works as a freelance filmmaker and graphic designer and is currently living in Utah. As an artist and filmmaker she creates art to educate, empower, and inspire. She is in post production on a documentary film about sound healing entitled, “Out of the Silence,” (a collaboration with Marya Stark). She is also in pre-production for short film projects highlighting stories of women to be featured on Womynz Voice, a website developed as a space for women to share their voices through writing, art, music, film, photography, and all forms of creative expression. She is passionate about documentary and narrative film as well as digital art, painting, and photography. She believes that art has the power to transform. 

The Return of the Sacred Feminine
and the Blood Wisdom Lodge

 In Feb of 2016, members of the Remembrance Council presented at the Women of Wisdom conference. Our presentation traveled the wheel of the six blood gates, of being born, 1st blood, giving birth, menopause, death & sex. Through song, story telling, sacred art, birth psychology and ritual, we explored our mother tongue of old, in order to restore and balance our Life Wheel of the new.
Remembering nature’s imperative as the road map home, we are reweaving our mythos, and exploring the Holy Grail of our Times.


Carmen and Marya came together with a vision for the The Scarlet Crow Remembrance Tour in spring of 2015. We gathered for several months with an amazing council of women, with the intention to create a short film based on the tour. We held panel discussions and think-tank dialogues about aspects of the fabric of the culture regarding feminine energy.  Aligned with the Equinox~ Easter/ Passover 2015 Eclipse portal, we crafted a space for exploring, healing and anchoring the future dream.

 We combined forces with Layla Centorrino, Laurel Kitten, and Tessa Shields to bring unique medicines in collaboration and co-creation with each community we traveled to. The night opened with an interactive talk ‘Reweaving the Magical Feminine’ which included

- A panel discussion around the cultural wounding, repression and disembodiment of the magical, wild, wise and sensual feminine (in all people) - an evolving discussion throughout the tour.

- Gender Alchemy – trans-formative somatic experiences evoking more understanding of our true nature and power as men and women.

- An ongoing inquiry and sharing around how healing these aspects of ourselves and culture can bring us into a deeper connection and relationship with ourselves, each other and our natural world.


After a profound 10 days, we are currently editing together the footage and interviews we took from the events, to create a piece about the emergent wisdom gathered from the tour . It was an amazing journey with amazing women, and has given birth to this ongoing collaboration of Scarlet Crow. We are looking forward to sharing the film in its completion within the next year. If you would like to support the film and make a donation, we welcome you to contact us.

Womynz Voice

Another aspect of our work with women is Womynz Voice. 
Click here to find out more about our work with empowering the voice of the Feminine.


Bone Shaman Woman
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